Guns ‘N’ Bombs: Bombs Away

31 May
DJ Johnny Love - Guns 'N' Bombs

DJ Johnny Love - Guns 'N' Bombs

I’ve been following johnnygunslove on Twitter. His last post said he was at a strip joint in Springfield, Illinois “eating pepperoni pizza listening to Bush.”

A few days earlier DJ Johnny Love, who’s one half of the much-hyped LA electro duo Guns ‘N’ Bombs, was driving through the desert heading to a show in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s on his way to Perth now to play at We Love Ministry of Sound, although in what guise is anyone’s guess.

The show is being billed as Guns ‘N’ Bombs, but it seems the duo recently split, and what happened between him and his now ex-partner Filip Turbotito (who’s also Ima Robot’s bassist) is a tad unclear.

“It’s on hiatus,” says Johnny Love sweetly down the line. “I’m doing my own project and getting all my own material out as Deathface. I think I will have seven tracks done by the time I get to Australia.

“Technically it’s a Guns ‘N’ Bombs show because I’m the only one who DJ’ed, but I’m using the opportunity to play a bunch of my own tracks as well.”

Guns ‘N’ Bombs became the name on everyone’s lips when they signed with chic French label Kitsuné. There was the 2007 hit Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere, the more recent Riddles Of Steel, and a cool remix of Chromeo’s Fancy Footwork. Deathface is more or less in a similar style.

“It’s in the same direction as Riddles Of Steel,” he says. “Darker, bassier stuff than the first release – more what I’m into now. You could call it an extension of Riddles of Steel.”

Love bubbles with excitement at the thought of visiting Perth for the first time and playing on the same line-up as Laidback Luke, Hi Jack, Danger, Bobmo and The Aston Shuffle.
“Everything is really exciting when you consider I’m getting paid more money than most people to play records and sleep in hotels and drink for free.

“No doubt it will be a very receptive crowd so there’s a good chance I might lose a shoe jumping into the crowd, but hopefully not my wallet!”

THE PLUG: Guns ‘N’ Bombs plays the We Love Ministry of Sound Winter Festival on Sunday 31 May at Metro City & Capitol, Perth

[Edited version published in The Wire Mag, The West Australian, 28.05.09]


2 Responses to “Guns ‘N’ Bombs: Bombs Away”

  1. Liz June 2, 2009 at 3:25 AM #

    You should’ve asked him why he leaked the new MSTRKRFT album and got run out of LA

  2. Jonas June 16, 2009 at 6:08 PM #

    Yeah I would like to hear about that.

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