Review of Grafton Primary (02/05/09)

31 May

Capitol, Perth

With some bands, their influences bubble quietly beneath the surface, but then there’s Grafton Primary, who openly spurt forth The Human League and the Pet Shop Boys like its going out of fashion – ‘80s synth arpeggios billowing into the air.

Armed with three synths, Apple Mac and drum kit, brothers Josh and Ben stood centre-stage proclaiming, “Sound is independence” in opener ‘Records For The Righteous’. Dressed neo-punk style with a touch of ‘80s glam, Josh’s stilted monotone vocals exerted power as he danced like a stick insect across the stage.

The dancefloor turned into a mosh pit for the freaky bassline of ‘I Can Cook’; Josh cleverly adding new vocals: “In Western Australia this sunshine is an addiction.”

Lights glowed red and punters clamored to reach out during ‘Hold Her’. ‘She Knows It’ flowed seamlessly into ‘Change’ – Ben emerging from behind the keys for a theatrical keytar solo. Kids tried to jump on stage for ‘All Stars’.

Grafton Primary have regularly toured to WA since the release of their debut album Eon, and it seems they finally got the acknowledgement they deserve – not on some festival billing, but with a sold-out show in a club, where they fit best.

[edited version published in J Mag, issue no. 29, June 2009]


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