Review: MSTRKRFT – Fist of God

11 Jun


Fist of God

“All I do is party” raps N.O.R.E on MSTRKRFT’s single Bounce and this sums up what their second album, Fist of God is all about. As the artwork of women’s legs and asses in the shape of a fist suggests, expect unrelenting Justice-style dirty stadium dance-rock, with plenty of flashes and lights, distorted synths, and a bit of R&B and old-skool house thrown in. It’s not that Canadian remix masters Jesse F Keeler (previously of Death From Above) and AI-P don’t do what they do well, there’s just not much finesse to it. This all works fine when you’re wasted on the dancefloor, but there’s a lot more intricacies to quality dance music than that. Relief comes in fifth track Heartbreaker featuring soul singer John Legend, but not even guest Ghostface Killah does much to improve the situation in the latter half. This album is like strobe lighting; you want it, just not all the time in case it induces a fit.

2.5 out of 5

[Edited version appears in The Wire, Issue 03, 11.06.09, The West Australian]


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