The Toxic Avenger: Punk at heart

11 Jun
The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

What is it about Frenchmen and their masks? Guess we can now blame more than synth house on Daft Punk, with Danger (who played at We Love Ministry last weekend) sporting a balaclava to overcome shyness, and Simon DeLacroix aka The Toxic Avenger donning a scary-looking one in promo shots.

But DeLacroix unfortunately won’t be DJing with his mask on when he plays at Shape this weekend. “I don’t perform with the mask anymore for two reasons: One, because I’m better looking than I use to be and two, I had troubles with security at airports!”

Avoir les traits aside, we should be should be in for a treat – Rolling Stone Magazine puts The Toxic Avenger in the same influential electronic basket as LCD Soundsystem, Digitalism, Justice and Simian Mobile Disco.

DeLacroix is at the top of many a list when it comes to producing powerhouse electro-dance tracks.

“I’d say that if you are into rock and looking for something to dance to you’ll probably like my music, he says from the Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport on his way to Dubai. “I play guitars without guitars.

“Expect craziness. I can’t stand being behind the decks just shaking my head… I come from the rock’n’roll scene. I play electro. I’m sponsored by some fancy brands, but I’m really a punk!”

DeLacroix began his career at the age of 12, playing in punk bands as a guitarist and vocalist, and even doing a stint in a hardcore metal band. He attended his first rave at 13, which he states was “pretty boring” and instead cites a Morrissey show as a life-changing experience.

He caught the electro bug after falling in love with a girl, who worked at an electro radio station, and so in a home studio filled with “trash, cigarettes, synths, vodka, an old dead body, a 45rpm of Winnie the Pooh, a book about black metal, and some Pretty Girls Make Graves CDs” he began producing and creating remixes – Ladytron’s Ghosts in particular, receiving plenty of blogging attention.

Expect big things over the next 12 months with the release of a new EP in September called Toxic is Dead and a full-length album early next year. He says, “It’ll sound a little bit more pop than my EPs… But don’t expect my album to be full of love songs.”

THE PLUG The Toxic Avenger plays Shape on Saturday. Tickets $15 on the door.

[Edited version appears in The Wire, Issue 03, 11.06.09, The West Australian]


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