Hook N Sling: Hooked on success

22 Jun
Hook N Sling

Hook N Sling

How do you know when you’ve made it? It’s all very subjective of course, but some of the signs might be a headlining tour of the UK, which includes a set at Pacha London. An ARIA nomination for single The Bump with Kid Kenobi, and how about Carl Cox opening his radio show with your latest remix Rock With You – a collaboration with Goodwill?

“You always get a massive buzz from it,” says the amiable Sydney DJ/producer Hook N Sling aka Anthony Maniscalco. “Me and Will (Goodwill) were in the studio together on Skype to a mate of ours overseas and he goes, ‘I heard Carl Cox playing your record’ and we looked at each other going ‘what?’ Will quickly googled it and we did a few high fives and got back to work.”

Maniscalco is a little tired. Last night he worked in the studio till 3:30am and then got woken early by construction work happening next door.

“I thought I’d just get up and have a coffee. I’m trying to finish stuff of… all the deadlines are coming up for finished records for the European summer, so I’m setting myself impossible deadlines trying to get it all done.”

Apart from the recent remixes he’s done for Style of Eye and Calvin Harris, Maniscalco is working on new material with Adam K, a Snob Scrilla track, a remix of Fedde Le Grand’s single Scared of Me, plus his own material – most of which you’re likely to hear when he plays in Perth on Saturday.

“My Calvin Harris (I’m Not Alone) mix is going down really well at the moment, a lot of people are starting to pick up on that record. I have also done a new re-edit of The Best Thing and I’m slipping that into my set as well.”

The Best Thing is his remix of the ‘80s Boom Crash Opera classic, which is still getting lots of radio airplay.

“I was quite young when a lot of Boom Crash Opera’s stuff came out but I specifically remember watching Wide World of Sports on Sunday’s with my dad and The Best Thing came on with sporting montages and that stuck in my mind.”

THE PLUG: Hook N Sling plays Villa on Saturday. Tickets $20+BF from Planet Video, Mills, 78s and Moshtix outlets.

[As published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 04, 18.06.09]


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