Drumattic Twins: Old Skool

31 Dec
Drumattic Twins

Drumattic Twins

“We used to be soul boys back in the ’80s,” says Nick Slater, one half of the UK electro/breakbeat duo, Drumattic Twins. “I always remember listening to this first electro track called G-Force. The bass that suddenly came out of the speakers, it was just phenomenal.

“It was the changing force for Lanx and me. We went from doing a little soul shuffle into a breakdancing style that was just something else. We got the feeling we were onto something special.”

Slater and Lanx are definitely old school. They’ve been making sweet music together for 25 years – since they were 13 years old. Those old enough to remember the early ‘90s might recall the chart-topping group Shades of Rhythm. Well that was Slater and Lanx with vocalist Rayan Gee. Fifteen years on (minus Gee) they re-emerged as the Drumattic Twins and solid chunks of funk, house and breakbeat. Who could forget the Finger Lickin’ club smash, Feelin Kinda Strange?

“I haven’t played that track in three or four years,” reveals Slater. “It’s one of my favourite remixes, but we’re always looking forward. Having said that, and I’m going to contradict myself here, but I’ve also packed my Shades of Rhythm set. Recently I’ve been dropping a few old tunes and it’s been going down great.”

Their latest album Hammer & Tongs includes the rave tribute, Don’t Be So Drumattic and the percussive nostalgic number, Heartbreaker.

“Heatbreaker is a good example of where our new stuff is heading – with a little more feeling. Even in Shades of Rhythm days we would write slower stuff. It was nice with the Hammer & Tongs album to just strip things back a bit and let it be very simple and to the point.

“Music at the moment is in a very strange place. I’m interested that people are playing more across the board and hopefully heading back to the eclectic days of just playing really good music and not a brand of a certain style…”

As we spoke on the phone, Slater was packing his bags to come to Australia for the first time in four years. The last time they played in Perth was at Major Break 2004.

“Perth is a welcoming place and we always meet loads of nice people and end up at an after-party. Fingers crossed there’ll be an after-party – we’re staying an extra day because of it.”

[As published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 07, 09.07.09]


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