Review: Little Birdy @ Capitol, Perth

31 Dec

Little Birdy


Perth, WA


Girls love Katy Steele. On the last show of Little Birdy’s tour to promote chart-topping third album Confetti, the whole front row are all female, apart from one boy who is wearing lipstick (so it doesn’t really count). She’s certainly mesmerising to watch with her rock-star hair flicks, porcelain skin, and pitch-perfect voice. As brother Luke watched from the balcony above, Katy opened with an acoustic version of ‘Brother’, before the rest of the band joined in and punters clapped along. But was it end-of-tour tiredness? Or were they just too comfortable in front of a home crowd? It wasn’t until ‘Relapse’ is dropped – eight tracks in – that the band started gelling musically to create magic. Songs span all three albums, but it was the acoustic rendition of ‘Beautiful To Me’ and encore of ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ that seemed to shine most of all.

[As published in jmag, Issue No. 30, July 2009]


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