Metronomy: Grand Designs

24 Jan


We all know you shouldn’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia, particularly if it states: “Joseph Patrick Kennith Mount (born September 11 1982, Totnes in Devon) is the founder of British band Metronomy. He has been described on his MySpace as winning the NME Award for being the friendliest man in pop.”

Did you write that yourself Mr Mount?

“Umm yeah, I did,” he says sheepishly from his flat in London. “I think Wikipedia has to be avoided at all costs.

“Last year I had a studio at the same place as James from the Klaxons and they won an NME Award. I was like, ‘Take a picture of me with the award and I’ll put it on MySpace and say it’s for the friendliest man in pop’. People actually ask me about it and I say, ‘If you actually checked, you would find they don’t give an award away for the friendliest man in pop’, but I’m sure I am the friendliest. This industry is full of bastards.”

Metronomy created a buzz last year with their second album, Nights Out, which spurned catchy indie-dance tunes like Heartbreaker and A Thing For Me, and there was also the brilliant You Could Easily Have Me off their 2004 debut, Pip Paine (pay the £5000 you owe).

Since the band last visited Australia (but not Perth), they have evolved into a four-piece, complete with two new members.

“Gabriel (Stebbing) with the glasses who was playing bass, he’s got another band. I think he’s got delusions of grandeur and so he’s decided to go concentrate on that, which is absolutely fine. Funnily, when I first started doing Metronomy, I was playing in another band with Gabriel and I did the same thing with his old band, so it’s karma.

“The good thing is though, it’s given us an opportunity to shake it up a bit. So we’ve got a new bass player called Gbenga and a girl on drums called Anna.”

While they previously used computers to generate the beats, the new band plays everything completely live, leaving not much room for as many coordinated dance routines. But you’ll be pleased to know they still wear the infamous flashing chest lights.

“We’ve got Mark II chest lights now,” Mount says. “It might have seemed sad with Gabriel gone if we just replaced him and carried on as normal. So we decided to change everything and add a drummer and new outfits and lights.”

[As published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 11, 06.08.09]


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