Purple Sneaker DJs: Purple patch

24 Jan

Purple Sneaker DJs

Purple Sneakers is a weekly night held in a “shitty old mans pub” in Sydney’s inner west. Started by PhDJ about four and a half years ago, the vibe is “a indie house party in your own house” where mates get together and listen to DJs playing your favourite bands on a big sound system.

“It has the friendliest most unpretentious people in Sydney,” PhDJ says. “The music policy is the freshest indie party mashed up by a bunch of great DJs. I think it’s the newness that keeps attracting real music lovers rather than muscley singlet wearing jocks.”

But Purple Sneakers DJs is more than just a weekly night; it’s now a touring and production machine with a crew of six.

“All the DJs are dudes that I picked up from playing at the club over the years,” PhDJ says. “Back when I was running the weekly club myself (before it became official and we got an office) it was just me and whoever I brought with me. Then every time there was a guy I liked I said, ‘Hey wanna play this other party with me?’ Over the years we’ve had dudes come and go, but after a while the team cemented.”

Ben Lucid, M.I.T and PhDJ do most of the touring, with M.I.T and Ben Lucid also creat their own mash-ups together. PhDJ is the one who “holds the shit together” running Boundary Sounds, managing Philadelphia Grand Jury, and producing remixes under the name Dept. for too many artists to name. Walkie Talkie is away working as a ski instructor; Flaming Hips is Ben Fletcher who sings in The Devoted Few; and Nick Findlay works for a “certain government-owned youth radio network as assistant to the music director.”

Talk about connected. After playing all the big festivals in Australia and touring internationally, Purple Sneaker DJs are in Perth this Friday night, so what can people expect?

“The most amazing indie party mashup set in Perth,” PhDJ says. “I’m setting the bar high, hey? Maybe better to just say lots of song-based indie party tunes. We prefer to play stuff with a verse and chorus, which we mix out of it before it gets boring – call it indie A.D.D.”

[An edited version was published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 10, 30.07.09]


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