Review: Franz Ferdinand – Blood

24 Jan




Remix albums are all the rage these days, but unless it’s truly innovative (think Easy Star All-Stars and their dub versions of classic albums) results rarely end up being as good as the original. So where does that leave the dub-inspired reworking of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand? Opening tracks – remixes of What She Came For and Can’t Stop Feeling – doesn’t do much to dispel negative connotations. But then The Vaguest of Feeling kicks in (originally Live Alone) and the modern-dub talents of producer Dan Carey, who’s previously worked with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and the Mad Professor, starts to shine through. Delve in further and things get pleasurably dubbier with If I Can’t Have You Then Nobody Can (Turn It On) and Katherine Hit Me (No You Girls). On this album, Carey takes the electronic direction heard on Ulysses and Lucid Dreams to a whole new level, and Franz Ferdinand’s swagger reinvented as experimental half-tempo meanderings is not only fascinating, but actually works too.

3.5 out of 5

[As published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 09, 23.07.09]


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