Bag Raiders: Shooting for the light

25 Jan

Bag Raiders

A contender for most popular track over the last few months would have to be Shooting Stars by latest Modular darlings Bag Raiders. You know the one; it’s the romantic, summery indie-dance tune with the hooky synth line, which eventually builds up into dancefloor greatness.

“I’m in love with a shooting star / But she moves so far / When she falls then / I’ll be waiting.” Seriously, with a tune and lyrics like that, could Jack Glass or Chris Stracey have a dark bone in their bodies?

“Sometimes when we’ve done remixes we’ve gotten a bit heavy and hard,” laughs Stracey on the phone from his home in Sydney. “We were doing a lot of really slamming stuff at one stage, but at one point we were like, ‘whoa’ let’s just hang out and make something really pretty’.

“We’re both fun-loving, happy dudes and we don’t get too dark and serious. I’d feel a bit untruthful if we were creating super dark metal techno or something because it doesn’t really sit with where we’re at.”

Shooting Stars is their first single on Modular Recordings after previously releasing tracks on The Bang Gang Deejays in-house label, Bang Gang 12 Inches. Over the last two years, these classically-trained musicians have been getting rave reviews for singles, Fun Punch and Turbo Love, plus a whole slew of remixes.

“We’ve been friends with all of those Modular guys for quite awhile,” Stracey says. “As a label it’s really cool because they’re so laid back and happy to have a listen to what you’re doing. They won’t really ever tell you that you have to do this or that; they just want you to try to make a good record.”

Stracey and Glass met playing in orchestras together but they didn’t start making music until after finishing high school and “hanging out with the Bang Gang dudes who were putting on these legendary parties”.  They made a few bootleg remixes for friends to play at parties, one thing led to another, and they’re now working on their debut album.

“It was definitely a go-with-the-flow thing because we were just making 12 inches and didn’t really have aspirations to make an album. But once we did Shooting Stars and started to get into songwriting territory instead of just straight up techno and remixing, we thought it would be fun to experiment with writing pop tunes.”

[Edited version published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 11, 27.08.09]


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