Review: Deastro – Moondagger

25 Jan




Occasionally you stumble across an artist who is truly special. It’s not just because their music is good, more like they’ve tapped into a source of purity, jubilance and possibly even magic. Listen to the first minute of opener Biophelia by Randolph Chabot aka Deastro, a 22-year-old from Detroit, and you’ll hear what I’m saying. It’s a song about a “green field with a red river flowing from the sky into a hole in the centre of the field with a clock face on the surface of the sun whose arms spin both ways…” Deastro constructs the sound of his vivid dreams – symphonies of sweeping shoegaze-y guitars and synths, electronic bleeps and New Order-style hooky melodies. Everything is majestic and full, travelling so fast it feels like he might not be able to fit it all in. Did I mention he was only 22? This is his third album. Who can imagine what genius he’ll come up with next.

4 out of 5

[As published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 11, 27.08.09]


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