Jes: Girl in demand

26 Jan


Jes Brieden is a singer, songwriter and producer who hit the big time in 2004 with the No. 1 single on US Billboard’s hot dance airplay chart, As The Rush Comes, recorded with DJs/Producers Gabriel & Dresden under the name Motorcycle.

So how does a lady from New York City end up in the upper echelons of the trance world and get to go on a world tour with top international DJ Tiësto?

“I was working in a studio in LA assisting other engineers with programming, and there was this kid who was a big raver called Mike Olson,” Jes says from her second home in LA.

“I had never been to raves and stuff, so he introduced me to that and he was a musician too, and we recorded two songs called One Moon Circling, which was very popular and a song called Star Children, which caught the ear of Paul van Dyk. This was during the revolution and we were getting like 10,000 downloads a week of the song.

“Then DJs started to call me and it was like this whole new world opened up ’cause I’d been playing mostly with bands. I started performing in the clubs, working with a DJ called D:Fuse. I met Josh and Dave and we formed Motorcycle and I really started to travel and meet more DJs. Then I met Tiësto and he’s helped me so much to release my albums as well as put me on the Elements of Life tour.”

It’s hard to comprehend the scale of going on tour with Tiësto.

“Every week we were playing to between 10,000 to 28,000 people – it was really incredible. There was like five buses, carting all this stuff – it was amazing to watch it go up. It was an interesting time and I loved it because LA is so far away so I had to live in Europe. So we lived in Amsterdam and got to travel from that point every week.”

Jes is heading to Australia for the first time to play at Godskitchen.

“This is the Boombox tour, which looks awesome. It’s the club show that I do and I’ll be bringing all the songs that everybody knows. I’m researching which ones were big in Australia ’cause it’s hard to know, but I want to include all those and I’m also going to do a song or two from the new album.”

[Edited version published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 15, 03.09.09]


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