Cosmic Gate: Trance-tastic

11 Feb

Longstanding German trance duo Cosmic Gate star at Godskitchen tomorrow night along with UK trance DJ, John 00 Fleming, US rocktronica queen Jes and fellow Germans Blank & Jones.

The latter outfit just happen to live just around the corner from Nic Chagall and Bossi aka Cosmic Gate in West Germany.

“We live close to Dusseldorf and Cologne. We actually don’t play with those DJs very much,” Chagall and Bossi say over the phone from Bossi’s home at the tail end of a two-hour interview marathon. “It’s funny that the people who live just around the corner from you are the ones who you see once a year on the other side of the world.”

What’s obvious from the onset is Chagall and Bossi both love what they do, laughing continuously throughout the interview and finishing each other’s sentences. As they explain what excites them about trance music, it’s impossible to discern which one of the pair is speaking.

“Trance music for us is the most emotional kind of electronic music there is. It’s really touching and positive music; it gets you in a good mood – it touches your soul and gives us the most positive emotions out of all other electronic music. We also like other stuff like house and progressive, but a good trance harmony and nice melody for us is magic and that’s why we do it.”

Forming in 1999, Cosmic Gate hit the big time with their single Fire Wire released in 2001, but they can now credit their name with four artist albums and a countless number of remixes. Like most international DJ/producers these days, they spend the bulk of the year playing around the world.

“It’s the busiest summer we’ve had so far. We played in Asia, we’ve just come back from a US tour, we have gigs in Europe from Wednesday to Sunday almost every week; there have been festivals… after the Australian tour we’ll have a break for a little while and then get back into the studio.”

Cosmic Gate – who released their fourth album, Sign of the Times, earlier this year – say the style of their DJ sets hasn’t changed much since they were last in Australia on the Summadayze tour back in January last year.

“We play back-to-back but of course our production changes and parallel to this our DJ sound changes, too. But the main thing is we still play trance, and we’re still the party DJs we’ve always been.”

[Edited version published in The Wire, The West Australian, Issue 20, 8.10.09]


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