Rachel has been working in the music biz for over 10 years – either in management, events or as a music journalist/editor and publicist. As a manager she currently works with indie-pop-tronic artist, Carl Fox and with indie-rock artist, Husband. She’s previously worked with the likes of  Good Little Fox, Kathryn Rollins, The Transients, Brash and Sassy and The Resonance.

Rachel also used to work as a music journo and had a weekly column called Think Local in The Wire, which appeared every Thursday in The West Australian newspaper. She also wrote for the Today section of The West Australian and jmag – triple j’s magazine and previously worked as the editor of The Drum Media (Perth).

This is a collection of some of her work.


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Mitch June 16, 2009 at 9:07 AM #


    I’m glad that I came across your blog. You have some very useful and interesting posts there. I will put a link to your blog from my site, if this is okay with you.

    I help run a store called HiSunglasses.com; it’s not really a big one, but it’s getting there. Please have a look. If you could possibly place a small link of my site, that would be really great.

    Have a great day and hope to hear from you.

    Happy blogging

  2. Mark Lang September 6, 2009 at 9:23 AM #

    Hey Rachel,
    Great to meet you last night at the Astor Gig,
    I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight home.
    There are yellow post it notes for a Telstra ad on the front of every WA paper today.
    Looks like they are stealing your monopoly of yellow stick it notes! 🙂

    Hope the gig you got to last night was all you had hoped for.

    Hope to catch you again next time we are in WA.
    Skipping Girl Vinegar

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